Tuesday, January 10, 2017

To break the silence

It's been more than a year.  Wow.

In that span of time, we've stressed ourselves out royally-- moved from Kansas to Texas-- transitioned from a family with littles to a family with (barely) school-aged children.  We don't nap at all, now; instead, we homeschool.  At night I teach online courses for a graduate program in history.

I do want to continue this blog-- but it will have to change, too, as I find that my reasons and motives (as well as my schedule) have imperceptibly shifted.  Re-reading much of what I've written, I can barely recognize my own voice!  And that's a weird feeling.

Anyway, I'm choosing to break the silence with this post, which I place here for my own motivation. Hopefully it signals a semi-fresh start!

Hello again.