Review Policy

To authors and publishers:

Yes, I accept books for review!  While I prefer printed copies, I'm also glad to receive e-books in a Kindle-friendly format.  If you think that your work and mine might be a good fit, please send me your synopsis (booksformomblog at gmail dot com).  I'll consider it and get back to you.

Please keep in mind that I may have to say "no" to your query due to scheduling concerns: My children keep me busy, and some weeks/months are rougher than others!

While I give my opinions honestly, be assured-- I aim to share what excites me about your work!  Indeed, I'd rather not post a completely negative review (think "less than three Amazon stars"), as it benefits neither you nor my readers... So if your book and I just aren't clicking, I'll contact you privately to cancel. (However, I may include some criticism in an otherwise positive review.)  While unfortunately I can't apply this policy to structured programs such as Blogging for Books, wherein I'm obligated to review, I intend to follow it whenever direct contact with an author or publishing agent makes it feasible.

I'll share the completed review via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Goodreads, and Amazon.

At present I don't participate in cover reveals, blitzes, or other promotions of unread material.

Thank you for your interest!

[This policy was last updated in February 2015.]

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