Wednesday, November 26, 2014

A Place to Stand (Farrell)

Meg Farrell, A Place to Stand (2014)

The first half is shattering...!  It's unique for a romance to explore messy, conflict-ridden grief-- and the heroine's strong first-person voice is extremely likable.  The novel's overall structure, too, has a certain elegance, with parallel events and motifs (I think particularly of the recurring word "b-tch," more significant than it seems!) adding complexity... I'm not trying to be pretentious here; I really mean it!  Literary value.

Once love interest Cade fully enters the storyline, however, he sinks so much that makes it different and compelling. To be honest, the guy reminds me of an immature Edward Cullen (unbelievably handsome stalker); and the heroine essentially jumps straight from one co-dependent relationship into another. Does she really find "a place to stand," as characters observe near the end?  I would argue, no.

However, this novel-- the first half especially-- shows that author Meg Farrell has talent.  I'd really encourage her to move beyond the romance genre... A Place to Stand could have been amazing had it continued the themes of grief, betrayal, and forgiveness in a more realistic way.

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