Monday, June 23, 2014

Audiobook: Colin Firth's reading of The End of the Affair (Greene)

Graham Greene, The End of the Affair (1951), narrated by Colin Firth (Audible, 2012)

I just had to purchase it.  The End of the Affair is one of my favorite novels-- and Colin Firth is, well, Mr. Darcy.

Worth the $20?  Most definitely.  It's even better than I'd hoped.... Firth so well conveys the intensity, the conflict within these characters!  And he does it subtly, without drawing attention to himself as the reader/actor:  I'm hearing, not Colin Firth (and not Mr. Darcy!), but the voices of Maurice and Sarah-- sometimes venomous; sometimes sad and weary; and occasionally-- luminously-- at peace.

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